NTP Launches Lawsuit Against Apple, Google, Microsoft and More

July 9, 2010, By Radimir Bobev

Today, the NTP have revealed that they’re going to sue the top 6 cell phone makers in the world… and if you’re wondering what all the fuss is about, apparently it has to do with patents yet again. According to NTP, all of the companies involved in the lawsuit are infringing on their patent for delivering e-mail messages to handsets.

This won’t be the first time NTP are taking things to court, as they’ve already managed to win a lawsuit against Research In Motion (who most of you probably know for their BlackBerry smartphones). Now, they’re going all out, against Google, Apple, HTC, LG, Microsoft and Motorola. The total number of patents described in the lawsuit is eight.

Many people saw the small company’s moves against RIM as very unfounded, seeing them as nothing more than an attempt at trolling on a commercial level, as NTP are trying to make some name for themselves on the market. Of course, they’ve denied the claims, stating that they’re just protecting their intellectual property. Come on.

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