AT&T Samsung Captivate / Galaxy S Release Date Confirmed; Launches on July 18th

July 9, 2010, By Alex Ion

AT&T customers who have been waiting for the new Galaxy S, or better said Galaxy Captivate, are in for a treat — we have official word from the company that the smartphone’s release date has been announced for July 18th.

A rather powerful device, the Galaxy S has already charmed the world, with the company selling some 200,000 units in South Korea, already. So why all the hype?

The new Samsung Captivate comes with impressive features like the amazing 4-inch Super AMOLED touchscreen display, Android 2.1 on-board (with rumors speaking of Android 2.2 soon) and a great battery — all these making it a great competitor to Apple’s iPhone 4.

But will the AT&T Samsung Captivate beat the iPhone 4 at its own game? Not unless Samsung gets the same marketing masterminds that Apple has. They now have the product, but may be lacking the manpower to promote it.

As expected, the new Galaxy S will be available to AT&T users for $199.99 if they sign a new two-year contract .

So how about it folks, is it just me or that’s probably the best Android smartphone in AT&T’s yard?

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