Apple iPhone 4 Catches Fire Due To Faulty USB; Owner’s Hands Get Burnt

July 9, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

An Apple iPhone 4 unit has been reported to burst into flames while being charged with a USB cord attached to the computer. The owner of the phone has also got his hands burnt while trying to handle the unit as the bezel on the phone was still hot. The incident has been confirmed to be caused by the faulty USB port on the phone and not due to human error.

The above image clearly shows the extent of damage to the USB cord, which seems to have melted at one end. It also shows the effect of the fire on the phone. The owner of the phone had brought the device to a nearby AT&T store to get it replaced for a new unit, though the particular AT&T store did not have any iPhone 4 devices in stock.

The incident has been reported to be an isolated one so far as nobody has complained of an iPhone 4 unit catching fire in the past. However, there have been various reports of the devices getting overheated though there has been no evidence to link it with the possibility of the phone bursting into flames and could have occurred to a manufacturing flaw with one particular unit.

Neither Apple nor AT&T have released an official comment on the issue so far. Check out another picture of the damaged iPhone 4 unit below.

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