Apple iOS4 Update Rumored To Include iPhone 4 Jailbreak Fix

July 9, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The update for the latest version of Apple’s operating software, the iOS4, has been rumored to be delayed by the company in order to include a patch that will block jailbreaks in iPhone 4 devices.

It was earlier reported that the iPhone Dev Team, which released jailbreaks for previous iPhone models, would soon release a jailbreak tool for the iPhone 4 as well. Apple store employees in the UK have said that the company is working to plug a few loopholes that it thinks could be exploited to create a jailbreak, and it is the reason for the delay in releasing the iOS 4.0.1 update.

Meanwhile, the Dev Team is also waiting for the update to release their jailbreak tool for the iPhone 4, so as to prevent Apple from learning their jailbreaking secrets for the latest iPhone 4 model.

Many iPhone 4 users are also waiting for the iOS4 update as Apple had mentioned in an open letter acknowledging reception issues with the iPhone 4, that the issue would be fixed by the software update. Although it has been confirmed by AppleCare that the software won’t really be able to fix the antenna problem, the capabilities of the update still remain to be seen.

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