TF2 Engineer Update Gets Serious – VAC Bans Issued

July 8, 2010, By Radimir Bobev

Well this is getting a bit too ridiculous for our taste. For those of you who haven’t been following the latest major update for Valve’s TF2 – the Engineer update – Valve are releasing a limited set of 100 golden wrenches, obtainable by a semi-random system. And just last night, things got a lot more serious than you’d expect when a cosmetic accessory is involved.

A well-known member of the community, known by his nickname Drunken F00l, who administrates the popular site, among other things, apparently used a leaked list of wrench drop times to try and get one of his own. Furthermore, he admits to having written a script to perform “crafts” (combining items, the action required to get the wrench) indefinitely, increasing his chances even further. While he did eventually get one of the wrenches, it didn’t last long as he had it taken away and replaced by a VAC ban, effectively precluding him from ever playing Team Fortress 2 unless he bought the game again.

Is this justified? Sure, VAC is designed to deal with third-party programs that give an advantage. But when you think about the fact that it all boils down to a cosmetic item? We’d leave it for you to decide.

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