iPhone 4 Cases from Element Case and IvySkin Promise Better Reception

July 8, 2010, By Atul Roach

The next generation iPhone is the biggest prevailing doodad in terms of the orders being placed until now, but being the most sought after gadget doesn’t promise you immunity. At the end of the day, when a gadget reaches consumer hands, they will come out with their critical daggers for they have the right to do so. In the case of the iPhone 4, it is the poor reception which is being questioned every now and then.

Ironically, this new iPhone version comes with a stainless steel band surrounding the exterior of the phone which, as Steve Jobs mentioned, was to work as an antenna and hence improve the reception of the device. In turn, this band has gone ahead and done exactly the opposite for the device.

In such a situation where the smartphone is plagued by only a single major flaw, a remedy needs to be looked into. The immediate solution is to consider the Vapor case from Element Case and iPhone 4 Reception Case from IvySkin as both these cases are destined to improve the signal drastically.

Vapor is a tad expensive at $79.95 while the Ivy Skin option is far more affordable at $14.99. Choose what you may, you can be rest assured that these two are better than the clumsy official offerings from Apple.

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