Samsung Galaxy S Sells 200k Units in South Korea, World’s Domination Expected

July 7, 2010, By Atul Roach

US is generally considered the biggest market for smartphones, and normally most cellphone manufacturers introduce their products here before the other parts of the world. Samsung has gone ahead and reverted this trend by introducing the Galaxy S in major markets outside the US first and frankly speaking, the second highest manufacturer of cellphones in the world did nothing blasphemous.

Samsung first introduced the Galaxy S in Europe and then South Korea and the results until now have been upbeat to say the least. In South Korea alone, Samsung has manged to sell 200K Galaxy S units in less than 10 days of its introduction, which implies that the device is doing better than the Apple iPhone 3GS sales until date in Korea.

That is a stunning figure considering that only Apple has manged a better sales performance for its latest iPhone variant with pre-orders. The Galaxy S has been on sale in Europe as well and though unofficial, the global sales figure for this handset may have already reached the million mark.

US Android fanatics also await this handset eagerly and the six major carriers in the country are already lined up to sell the device. With the smartphone gaining a well deserved repute for itself before its US release, Apple iPhone 4 and the Droid X may have to face tough competition in the form of the Samsung Galaxy S.

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