Mozilla Firefox 4 Beta Version 1.0 Goes Public, Has Chrome Like Layout

July 7, 2010, By Atul Roach

It was almost an year back that we first managed to lay our hands on some of the images of the upcoming Mozilla Firefox 4.0. With the official release of the Beta 1.0 version of Firefox 4.0 now outed to the public, it can now be said that there is a close similarity between what we see now and an year back. It was basically about the chrome-inspired design and Mozilla has stayed true to that design with the new tabs shifted above the address bar.

However, it is not just the design changes that have been reflected in the first Beta release, Mozilla is offering a world of new features which will make Firefox 4.0 all the more special.

There is a new add-ons manager in place and add to this the fact that there is now support for WebM video formats for watching HD quality videos and the security updates as well.

Again, there is support for SS3 and HTML5 along with a new add-on SDK called JetPack. The Beta also brings in better crash proofing and protection against WebSockets.

We didn’t expect the Firefox Version 4.0 to arrive before 2011, but with the first Beta outed, the jump from version 3.6.6 to 4.0 will be sooner than we anticipated, hopefully!

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