Motorola Droid X by Verizon Video Review Becomes Official

July 7, 2010, By Atul Roach

You’ve long waited for this and though you may have read about the Motorola Droid X from Verizon on paper many times, it is the video that pleases the eye and convinces the customers and ‘it’ has, for sure, officially arrived. A number of you may even want to ignore the video for the handset has pre-maturely arrived with certain customers, but for the rest, it is sure an eye candy, detailing us about the entirety of the handset.

The video is titled ‘Droid X by Motorola’ and over a length of 4-minutes, a small review of the handset is in place with the details and the features mentioned therein. The video has also been uploaded to YouTube so that a maximum number of people can know what this stunning handset is all about.

As per the voice in the video, the Droid X is for people who look to access browsing and messaging features like in a normal smartphone. Additionally, this is the kind of phone that can also meet a users HD video viewing needs.

The precise video is tagged at the end of this narrative and other than what we mentioned above, it talks about the features and the specs that we ‘now’ almost remember by heart.

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