iPhone 4 Reception Issues Not Solved by Software Update, AppleCare Confirms

July 7, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The signal reception issues plaguing Apple’s iPhone 4 handset due to its antenna will not be solved by the incoming software update, according to AppleCare. Instead, Apple’s customer support service points to the company’s previously-suggested methods such as buying a bumper worth $30 for the phone or holding the device without covering the antenna by hand, as a means to get a better signal.

Employees at technology blog Gizmodo called up AppleCare thrice, stating issues regarding inferior voice quality and dropped calls in their iPhone 4, and they received the same response from AppleCare on all of the three occassions. AppleCare said that the software update will not increase the quality of the signal and will only be able to display the available signal more accurately than before.

Apple had earlier mentioned in an official response to the reception issue that the signal bars on the iPhone are inaccurate and display high signal value even in cases of low signal reception. The  company has now removed the restocking fee for customers who have been returning their iPhone 4 devices, provided the phone is returned within 30 days of purchase.

Replacing the iPhone 4 units with a new unit that does not suffer from reception problems might prove to be an expensive operation for Apple, as over a million iPhone 4 handsets have already been shipped to consumers. There is also an increasing demand for Apple to provide the iPhone 4 bumpers to consumers free of charge.

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