Android 2.2 Outperforms iOS4 In JavaScript With Flying Marks

July 7, 2010, By Radimir Bobev

An independent group has tested the default pre-loaded browsers on the Android 2.2 and iOS4, using a Nexus One and an iPhone 4 accordingly. The tests showed that clearly, the iOS4 is currently ages behind in terms of JavaScript performance on smartphones, and those of you looking to get a new handheld for the purpose of browsing may seriously want to reconsider if they’re aiming at an iPhone 4.

The procedure tested two main aspects of the operating systems, how much time it took to deal with SunSpider, and how well the V8 JavaScript engine performed. The SunSpider benchmarking tool took about 10,902 milliseconds to perform on the iOS4, while the Nexus One with its Android 2.2 managed to handle it in just under 5,800 – almost half the time. The V8 engine, on the other hand, performed 3-4 times better on the Android 2.2, leaving no real room for doubt in this situation.

This doesn’t of course mean the iPhone 4 is a bad phone (despite the other problems that have been surfacing about it lately) – but still, if browsing performance is your primary concern, it may turn out to be a rather poor choice for you.

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