Sony E-Book Readers Get a Price Cut; Follow Amazon and Barnes & Noble to Kick Off a Price War

July 6, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Amazon and Barnes & Noble did it first. Sony is following suit. Close on the heels of the price cuts on their e-book readers, Sony too has effect a snip in pricing on its device. Sony’s price cut is the best till date, with the Daily Edition price falling from $350 to $300.

We are told that prices of both the lower-end readers have been cut. The Pocket Edition now quotes a price that is similar to that of the Nook Wi-Fi at $150. That is a good cut from the earlier price of $170. Meanwhile, the Touch Edition would cost $170 compared to the earlier price of $200. It seems like the e-book reader price war has just begun.  It has become more than clear that the price-snipping efforts by Sony have come about to stay in contention in a market that has strong players such as Amazon and B&N.

However, the price cuts might mean different for the Daily Edition as the Daily Edition had been in the line of competition from the Apple iPad. Let us now wait and watch on what the e-book reader mart has to offer us as days go by. Price cuts can mean real good for us, right?

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