iPhone 4 Jailbreak Tool Coming to a Download Server Near You Any Moment Now

July 6, 2010, By Radimir Bobev

If you’re interested in iPhone hacking, the name MuscleNerd probably rings more than a few bells in your head – he’s the guy that’s managed to jailbreak every Apple product that could be jailbroken so far, and is part of the iPhone Dev Team. According to him, a new tool for jailbreaking iPhone 4 is on its way to being released.

The tool will reportedly be able to take care of any iOS 4 device, even if it has the latest firmware installed, in a process very close to the one found in the Spirit jailbreak. Jailbreaking your iPhone 4 will give you access to several features that are normally not available, such as running a WiFi hotspot directly from the iPhone.

We don’t know the exact date when the tool will be released, as the developers haven’t given any specifics – “really soon” is the best we’ve got so far. If you’re eager to jailbreak your own iPhone 4 and just can’t wait for more information, make sure you check out their Twitter page where they keep posting relevant last-minute updates. Though bug them with release questions at your own risk.

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