Google Denies Any Possibility of Creating Nexus Two

July 6, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Chief Executive Officer of Google, Eric Schmidt has revealed that Google will never create a Nexus Two smartphone as a successor to its Android phone Nexus One. Many rumors regarding a Nexus Two handset had been floating on the Internet since the launch of the Nexus One on Google’s online store.

Eric said that Google had only created the Nexus One handset in partnership with HTC to make Android noticeable among other mobile software platforms and boost its Android OS business. He added that the success of Android has ensured that Google does not require another handset of its own.

However, Nexus One handsets had suffered from poor sales as compared to other smartphones such as the Droid and iPhone, which had forced Google to change its strategy of selling Nexus One handsets solely from its online stores to partnering with mobile carriers to offer retail sales.

The Nexus One has managed to position itself as an Android developer smartphone as it is the first to receive any update of Google’s Android software.

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