AT&T iPhone 4 Upload Speeds to Be Capped

July 6, 2010, By Radimir Bobev

While many of us were enjoying the iPhone 4’s new capabilities in terms of upload speeds, AT&T have pulled the plug on what makes it possible to use those capabilities — users from several cities are reporting that their upload speeds have been capped to just 100kbps, 10 times less than a few days ago.

Downloads don’t seem to have been affected, and the limitation on the uploads is quite obviously coming from a hard cap and not some bug, as it sticks at exactly 100 kbps for most users and refuses to go up. The strangest part is that it’s not universal and some users are still enjoying uncapped speeds.

Many cities have reported being affected so far though, so it’s not that likely you’re from the lucky ones.

We sincerely hope this is some kind of a temporary cap that’s caused by a technical problem on AT&T’s network and not a step towards a more permanent move. After all, we really don’t see why they would opt to do that in the first place, at least not for everyone.

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