iPad Hack Brings Flash, Thanks to Frash [Video]

July 5, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

A video showing a hacked Apple iPad device running Adobe Flash 10.1 on its browser has appeared on the Internet. The operation of Flash, which was ported from Android, on the iPad was made possible by an unofficial mod called Frash that uses a compatibility layer to help Flash run on the Safari browser on the iPad

The video shows Flash to be operating smoothly on the iPad and offering support for audio as well. The view is also shown to be resized without any problems to the software. However, Frash does present a few problems with the interface, such as the inability to play a game without a physical keyboard, as shown in the video.

The creator of Frash, who is a famous iOS jailbreaker and goes by the name Comex , has admitted that the mod is not completely stable yet and has invited other developers to help in releasing the stable version. The mod, once stable, will work on iOS4 as well as on other devices such as the iPhone 3GS.

Apple had earlier claimed that Flash would not run properly on its devices and its operating software. Check out the video below to see how the Flash for Android performed on the iPad.

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