Apple iTunes User Accounts And App Store Rumored To Be Hacked

July 5, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The user accounts of several iTunes customers have been rumored to be hacked, with their financial information being used to buy books from a specific seller in the App store’s Book category. The hack has reportedly led to 42 books from a particular seller called That Nguyen featuring in the list of 50 top-selling books according to revenue.

Apple has so far not commented on the possibility of a hacking or the reason for the 42 books, which have very few ratings, to jump to top spots on the App store’s best seller list. However, all the books from That Nguyen which are registered to a website called “mycompany” have now been removed from the store, though it is still unclear if the books were removed by Apple or the seller himself.

Certain iTunes customers had earlier complained that they had been alerted by their credit unions about hundreds of dollars being spent on the “mycompany” books. Customers have been advised to check their purchase information in the iTunes app store, which can be viewed under account information.

Hopefully, Apple, which has already been facing issues related to the iPhone 4’s signal reception, will issue a statement offering proper clarification on the matter soon.

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