Apple iPhone 4 Reception Issues Due To Missing Antenna Coating?

July 5, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The reception issues with Apple’s iPhone 4 have been said to be caused by several reasons from software glitches to holding the phone in the wrong way. The latest rumored reason for the reception issue with the smartphone is the absence of an insulating coating on the phone’s antenna that would allow for proper reception of signals.

The coating reportedly prevents antenna bridging in cases of the phone being held in a way that covers the antenna, making the reception issue the result of a manufacturing flaw on the iPhone 4. Apple, for its part, has said that the issue is being looked into, though the company had earlier claimed in an official letter that there was no manufacturing flaw in the phone.

The specifics of the coating and its effectiveness cannot be confirmed at this point. However, if the missing coating is revealed to be the cause of the problem, then Apple could be forced to replace defective units of the iPhone 4 with a newly manufactured unit, completely free of charge.

It could also affect the company’s legal position in defending itself against a lawsuit, which alleges that Apple knowingly sold a defective smartphone to its customers.

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