The Cheaper Kindle DX’s Current Problems

July 2, 2010, By Radimir Bobev

The Kindle DX got released by Amazon a little over a year ago, as an e-reader with a large, 9.7″ display that cost a hefty $489. Since those times, the DX hasn’t changed the slightest. For example, the price difference between it and the smaller Kindle has been on a continuous increase – at first it was just an extra $130, but after last month, the DX costs $300 more than the small Kindle.

Not to mention that for just $10 more than the DX’s price, you can get an actual iPad, which can outperform the Kindle DX in just about any aspect. Now though, the Kindle DX is being slightly reformed to more accurately fit the current market. Amazon have some plans to start shipping a new version of it on July 7, featuring a graphite-colored case as well as an improved E-Ink screen, delivering up to 50% better contrast.

The DX is also getting a nifty price reduction – it now costs just $379, which is still noticeably more than its smaller variant, but at least this time the difference between it and the iPad is considerable as well.

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