Nokia Symbian^4 Mobile Expected To Bring Back The Fans

July 2, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Nokia has been revealed to be strongly considering the creation of an N-series handset running on Symbian^4 operating software as a method to increase its fan base, which had been reducing in numbers lately. The plan was mentioned by the company’s new Chief of Mobile Solutions Anssi Vanjoki in his latest post on the company blog.

Nokia’s next handset release will be the N8 handset, which has been reported to be the only handset in the N-series to run on the Symbian^3 OS. However, the Symbian OS still remains the company’s preferred platform despite the increasing criticism of the software.

Nokia has also developed the MeeGo OS along with Intel as an operating software that is capable of offering computing solutions. MeeGo was also developed to serve as operating softwares on “computers of the future”, according to Anssi.

Nokia has recently had a number of its fans leaving their side or switching loyalty to other manufacturers owing to the failure of Nokia handsets to match the present standards in the high-end smartphone market. A popular dedicated Nokia-Symbian website, Symbian Guru, was also shut down recently by its moderators stating the poor choices of hardware by Nokia as well as the lack of features on the company’s handsets as the reason for the shutdown.

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