Opera 10.6 arrives bringing with it more speed and WebM video support

July 1, 2010, By Thomas Antony

Opera 10.6 web browser launched today claiming quite a few records on the way. The new version of the browser is supposed to “Make your web browsing faster”. Everything from loading webpages to opening tabs is optimized to happen almost instantly. In fact, thanks to their new optimized Javascript engine, Opera 10.6 is claiming to be 50% faster than its predecessors. Opera compresses data, caches certain webapps for offline support, has built-in search engines, and offers shortcuts for getting to your favorite destinations easily.

Also coming with the new version is support for the new WebM video standard ( backed by Google ) , in HTML5 as well as support for other new HTML5 features, such as geolocation and web app caching. A number of visual changes are present with new improved menus and icon tabs. You can even speed up browsing on slow connections, with Opera Turbo, which speeds up browsing on slow connections by compressing webpages before downloading them. Microsoft Bing has been added as a search engine option and the search suggestions often prioritize Wikipedia results. Earlier design concepts from Opera such as the “Speed Dial” which lists your most frequently visited websites are retained along with visual tabs that show the thumbnails of the webpages they contain.

Opera 10.6 update is now available for Linux, Mac OSX and Windows from http://www.opera.com/browser/

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