Rumors of Windows 8’s New Features: Distinct Model Types

June 30, 2010, By Radimir Bobev

Some documents related to the upcoming Windows 8 recently got leaked on to the Internet, and almost all 18 of them, which were allegedly highly confidential plans for internal Microsoft distribution only – have made its way to the public eye. One of them is called “Modern Form Factors”, and it shows that Microsoft may be splitting its development over three major categories for the PC market – lap PC, workhorse PC, and family hub PC.

The workhorse PC is basically what we’re using now, though there will be some nifty new features added, such as facial recognition and a proximity sensor feature titled “My PC Knows Me”, if the leaked documents are to be trusted. Basically, your computer will be able to turn on semi-remotely, by detecting your movements when you enter the room.

Then there’s the lap PC, which is what we have in the form of tablets right now. Its functionality seems to coincide with that of the iPad very closely, and the lap PC will also feature a built-in accelerometer that can serve various purposes, from gaming to adjusting your screen orientation.

Last but not least, we have the family hub PC, aimed at providing entertainment for the whole house in a unified, centralized manner.

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