Hulu Reveals New Premium Service, Just $9.99

June 30, 2010, By Radimir Bobev

The hugely popular portal for TV series and movies, Hulu, have finally released their paid subscription service, after much talk about it on the Internet over the past few weeks. The service will cost $9.99/monthly, and will give subscribers access to an entire season of all their favorite shows on TV – some of them will actually feature previous seasons, though this will be up to the content providers.

This is the first time Hulu are charging for a service, and the release of this one was eagerly awaited by many users of the original. Various media companies like Disney, NBC, News Corp and others, have been requesting such a feature to be developed by Hulug for about one year now, but we didn’t see anything solid – until now.

Hulu initially tried using advertisements to support their project and revenue, but as it turned out, this model seems to only work for TV shows and not for ones broadcast on the Internet. Some of the fans of the service may not like having to pay for it, as they’ve probably grown used to getting their content for free – but we believe this is ultimately for the better.

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