HTC EVO 4G OTA Software Update Improved Upon And Re-released

June 30, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

HTC and Sprint have released an improved version of their over-the-air software update for the EVO 4G handset. They had earlier stopped the previous version of the update after it was found to cause bricking of the smartphone.

The new update is 30 MB in size as compared to the previous version which took up 21 MB of space. HTC EVO 4G phones that were updated successfully have been reported to function at faster speeds and get an increase in their battery life. A considerable improvement in the WiFi connectivity of updated EVO 4G phones as well as a complete removal of the “grounding” issue has also been reported.

However, users of the smartphone who have already added the new update to their phones have been advised to refrain from adding the improved version of the update. Applying the update twice to the handsets has been rumored to be the cause of the bricking of the device, though there has been no official announcement from HTC or Sprint regarding the cause.

Meanwhile, consumers with broken EVO 4G phones have been advised to head to the nearest Sprint store to ask for a replacement unit. However, the replacement could take some time as HTC had announced a shortage of EVO 4G handsets earlier.

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