Verizon iPhone Supposedly Launches in January, Release Date Yet to Be Public

June 29, 2010, By Alex Ion

AT&T’s exclusivity to sell Apple’s iPhone is about to end. According to unnamed market sources close to Big Red who said that the information is yet to be public, the new Verizon iPhone is said to start selling to customers from January 2011, bringing joy to a lot of fanboys looking to get their favorite smartphone on their favorite carrier.

Verizon iPhone

While both Verizon Wireless and Apple declined to comment on the matter, we’d like to believe that the device is going to debut sometime next year. And the reason is simple — more money for both companies. According to UBS AG analyst John Hodulik, from the 92.8 million Big Red customers, a whopping 3million are expected to buy the iPhone every quarter.

“The fact is, Apple is going to dramatically increase the number of devices it sells in the U.S. when exclusivity at AT&T ends,” said Hodulik. He also mentioned that “it’s hard to ignore the quality issues that AT&T has faced,” recently.

Meanwhile the stock market is moving like crazy: RIM fell $3.19, or 6 percent to $49.78, AT&T was down 2.2% or 54 cents to $24.41, while Apple declined $9.45 to $258.85. Except for Verizon who rose 28 cents to $28.99.

Is it me or this time this rumor may turn out to be true? What do you folks think?

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