HTC Hero Gets Official Android 2.1 Update

June 29, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The Android 2.1 update for the Hero smartphone from HTC has been officially released by the handset manufacturer. The update is available for Hero phones in Europe that are unlocked and do not have a SIM card and is said to have become available as an OTA update in countries such as the UK, Serbia, Netherlands and Sweden.

The download file for the Android 2.1 update is sized at close to 80 MB and can be downloaded in lesser time over a WiFi network. An unlimited data plan would also be beneficial for downloading the update.

The new Android 2.1 update is expected to bring many software features present on the HTC Legend handset to the HTC Hero. It will also retain all the apps present on the phone. However, the update has not become available for the G2 Touch variants of the Hero which are available on the T-Mobile and Orange network.

HTC has released a separate update file for users who do not want to wait for the OTA update, which is available here. Users are advised to create a back-up of all the data, as it may get erased during the update process.

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