HTC EVO 4G OTA Software Update Stopped By Sprint After Complaints Of Broken Handsets

June 29, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The minor software update for the HTC EVO 4G smartphone that was released earlier by Sprint, has now been stopped by the mobile carrier following complaints of the EVO 4G breaking after receiving the update.

The over-the-air update from Sprint was earlier released for the HTC EVO 4G phone to fix issues related to the device’s WiFi and unresponsiveness of the screen during “grounding”. However, complaints started pouring in from EVO 4G users soon after it was released saying that the update caused their phones to break.

Sprint confirmed the issue and said that it mostly appeared on phones that were hacked to customize them, which were known as rooted phones. In case of standard EVO 4G phones, a notification for the update would appear for a second time after it was already updated once. Users of the device who allowed the second update to take place, soon found their phones to be bricked.  Even a hard reset was unable to fix the problem.

HTC and Sprint have mentioned that the software updates would resume again, once the issue was looked into and fixed. Meanwhile, users with broken HTC EVO 4G phones due to the update have been advised to head to the nearest Sprint store and ask for the unit to be replaced.

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