Foxconn Now Installing Safety Nets on Their Buildings

June 29, 2010, By Radimir Bobev

It’s been quite a rough time for Foxconn these past few months, with all the talk about their poor working conditions driving their factory workers to suicide. While the company initially showed some signs that they’re trying to solve the problem by approaching it from the important side – getting rid of people’s desire to commit suicide in the first place – it’s now become apparent that they’re also installing some… additional precautions.

A newly-released photo shows some of Foxconn’s buildings with a new addition to their exterior – safety nets spread across from building to building. Sure, we understand the nets could have some other bizzare purpose other than preventing suicide – and we’d be happy to hear what it could be.

The one thing that bothers us though – surely jumping off a building isn’t the only quick way for a person to take their life – with that in mind, we can’t wrap it around our heads how this will solve anything – but here’s hoping that it does.

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