Apple’s Newest iPhone 4 Riddled With Problems – Proximity Sensor Next in Line

June 29, 2010, By Radimir Bobev

Well folks, those of you who’ve been quick to get their hands on the newest iPhone 4 may already be regretting not having waited a bit longer until the device’s glitches have been polished out – as another one just made its way to the public, and this one is just as serious/annoying as the ones we’ve covered for you before.

Apparently, the display sensor can act up at times, causing several unwanted effects: your screen may end up flashing while you’re making your call, and you may very easily actually put the call on hold, or even worse, transfer it to the external speaker – that’s not a rare incident either, users have been reporting such occurrences quite a lot the past few days.

The problems that can arise from this are numerous – from dialing numbers to opening apps while you’re on the phone, this is definitely something that should be adressed ASAP in our opinion. We can’t help but wonder what the next episode in this already dramatic saga is going to be.

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