Activision Rebuilding Infinity Ward

June 29, 2010, By Christian Davis

Does everyone remember that horrible fiasco involving Activision and Infinity Ward heads Jason West and Vince Zampella? That incident was a little over three months ago and it had the gaming industry in a huge uproar. Shortly after that, there were large employee walkouts and twice as much controversy.

Activision Executive Vice President of studios, Dave Stohl, labeled these events as “unfortunate” but states that the studio is now on track.

“Recruiting at IW is not a problem. What we’re trying to do is say that IW is a culture, it’s a way of doing things, there’s a lot of people there and there’s still a lot of passion for doing it. We’re trying to rebuild, trying to help them and support them to rebuild. So people are stepping up, new people are coming in and we’re setting the bar so high. And we’re making sure it fits with the culture of what IW actually is.”

Stohl has even made remarks suggesting that the company, Infinity Ward, would steer away from the enormous franchise Call of Duty.  Stating that the rebuilding of the studio will also allow them to go off and create great new franchises.

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