Interesting Fix for the iPhone 4 Reception Problem – Use Scotch Tape?

June 28, 2010, By Radimir Bobev

IPhone 4 users have been buzzing about the latest discovery of a problem in the phone’s design that leads to reception problems (read: complete loss of reception) when the device is held in a certain way. And it seems that the fix for the problem was anything but difficult – though it will degrade the looks of your phone significantly – you just need to apply some scotch tape to a specific spot.

This was demonstrated in a quick video that spread around the Internet shortly after it was released – in it, it’s shown how you can fix the phone’s reception problems by using just two pieces of standard scotch tape. We stand by what we said above though, as this causes your phone to lose its luster immediately.

If you want to fix your reception problems and don’t care about how your phone will end up looking that much, you just need to use scotch tape to cover the black strip that’s running along the sides of your iPhone, and you’ll be all set for a life without reception problems.

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