How to Solve iPhone 4 Antenna Problems, Maybe iOS 4.1 Can Help

June 28, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The Apple iPhone 4’s issues regarding poor signal reception when the antenna is covered could actually be fixed by the iOS 4.1 update that could be released by Apple in the coming weeks. The update would enable the operating software to identify and adapt to the fluctuations in the signal level caused when the hands are held close to the device’s antenna.

Apple had earlier announced the release of the software update for the latest version of its operating system, iOS4. The update would be specifically released to resolve issues regarding the iPhone 4 antenna issue.

However, the issue was originally identified to be related to the device’s hardware as the iPhone4’s antenna was connected to the metal strip that was present around the phone. The design prevented a signal from reaching a particular baseband if the phone was held in a particular way. Before announcing the iOS4 update, Apple had suggested that iPhone 4 users buy a special case for the device priced at $29, to get a proper continuous signal. However, this idea was badly received by iPhone 4 customers.

iOS 4.1 would allow iPhone 4 to distinguish between different signals and adapt to them, which would make it possible to achieve better signal reception. The software update may not make the signal reception absolutely free of hardware interference but it would enable the iPhone 4 to get more control over the signals.

The iOS 4.1 update has been rumored to become available next week.

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