Google Removes Apps From Android Phones Remotely

June 28, 2010, By Radimir Bobev

Just yesterday, Google have used remote access to users’ Android phones to remove several apps because they were misrepresenting their purpose, which was a direct violation of the Android developer policies – this was confirmed by a company spokesman in a press release today.

We all knew of the Remote Application Removal feature that’s present in the Android and gives Google access to such functionality – but this is the first time we’ve actually seen it used, which we’re not sure how we should accept – on one hand, it’s good that Google are taking care of the problematic apps, on the other, it does feel a bit intrusive.

You should rest assured that the apps removed were actually malicious though – one of them for example disguised itself as a preview of the new Twilight movie, while in reality it could be used to remotely gain access to a user’s phone and use it in a possible DDoS attack in the future – quite a scary thought if you think about it.

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