Get the Dell Streak Unlocked for £449

June 28, 2010, By Radimir Bobev

Fans of the Dell String were, until now, limited to specific carriers if they wanted to get their hands on the device. That’s all over now though, as Dell have revealed that the 5″ Streak has been made available for a completely unlocked purchase in the United Kingdom.

The price comes down to £449, which is just £50 more than what you’d have to pay if you got it on a contract with O2, but it should be noted that this is still considerably lower than what you’d have to pay for a 16GB iPhone 4, and thus makes the Streak’s new release a very lucrative deal that we’d advise you to not miss for anything if you’ve wanted the phone.

There are some other deals coming up for you Streak lovers though – strating next months, imports from the USA will be available, which will cost you significantly less, something like $500. Of course, you’ll have to wait a while before that order becomes available, so it boils down to whether you want to pay more or wait more.

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