iPhone 4 Users Unveil Another Problem – Swapped Volume Buttons

June 25, 2010, By Radimir Bobev

Apple have recently issued a statement about the new iPhone 4’s reception problems, regarding them as a “non-issue”. It seems they’ve been rather sloppy in their release this time though – users are reporting yet another issue with the device, again related to its hardware – some of the phones’ volume control buttons have been swapped.

We don’t know if the problem actually affects the way the buttons work though, as the picture only displays the physical buttons being swapped. This is yet another problem in the iPhone 4’s release, after a series of several other ones – some problems in the pre-order, screens being tinted yellow, and pixel-related issues – and last but not least, the antenna problem that we reported to you recently.

We hope there won’t be any more hiccups in the iPhone 4’s release – we understand they’ve had to produce a large number of them due to the demands in this release, but Apple have been known for a level of quality which they should adhere to, in our opinion.

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