Hulu Video On Demand Service Coming To Sony PS3?

June 25, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Hulu LLC and Sony Corporation are engaged in talks to make Hulu’s Video on Demand service available on Sony’s PlayStation 3 gaming console through the PlayStation Network, according to an insider leak. It has also been rumored that the two companies might officially announce their partnership for the service next week.

Hulu has already been reported to become available on Microsoft’s gaming console, the Xbox 360. The presence of Hulu on the PS3 would allow users of the device to subscribe to the service to watch TV shows from networks such as ABC, NBC and Fox on demand.

The subscription for the service is expected to cost $9.95 monthly as it is reportedly the same price that will be charged for the subscription to Hulu’s service on the Xbox 360.

It has also been reported that Hulu has been negotiating with Time Warner Inc, Viacom Inc and CBS Corp to include their television shows as part of Hulu’s service. The inclusion of new TV shows as well the presence of the service on gaming consoles will increase the revenues earned by Hulu from a wider audience and advertising.

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