Google’s Chrome Gets Flash Support

June 25, 2010, By Radimir Bobev

Google have promised some time ago to incorporate Adobe Sysmte’s Flash Player directly into Chrome, something aimed at helping the plug-in and go against the desire by other parties to have it replaced. The new version of the browser, numbered 5.0.376.86, which is the last stable version, will extend the plug-in to Chrome’s mainstream version.

The Flash plugin was previously available, though only in the developer and beta releases, and it was disabled for quite a while in those as well, because it had some issues that needed to be resolved. Some security bugs have been fixed in the new version too, such as one that presented a cross-site scripting vulnerability which was supposedly fixed earlier, but made its way back.

Even though Flash is a very useful technology that’s used by developers for all sorts of purposes, there has also been some strong negative backlash from the developer community due to how it could crash browsers – even though in its latest versions that’s no longer such an issue and the plug-in has become quite stable.

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