Firefox 3.7 Wins Over IE9 in 4-Browser HTML5 Speed Test;Chrome Slowest OF All

June 25, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Firefox 3.7 has proved to be faster than the Internet Explorer 9 browser in an HTML5 speed test conducted between four internet browsers that included Chrome and the Opera Browser as well. The test was conducted on all four browsers simultaneously on the Windows platform on the same computer with hardware acceleration turned on.

Firefox 3.7 was found to be faster than IE9 in the test, but only marginally so with just a 5 to 10 percent lead. The Opera browser performed well in the test, but was not able to sustain its speed. Chrome was the slowest browser in the test.

However, hardware acceleration was turned on for Chrome using command line switches as opposed to the Opera browser, for which the presence of hardware acceleration could not be confirmed. The fastest browsers IE9 and Firefox 3.7 calculated their use of the CPU by using Direct2D. As a result, the two browsers also recorded the least CPU usage in the test.

The results of the test could be different for other platforms, especially due to the absence of Direct2D on the Linux and Mac.

Check out the videos below to see two different HTML5 speeds tests being conducted. The first video shows the speed test conducted between the four browsers and the second video shows the speed test conducted between the IE9 and Chome 6 browsers.

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