Counter-Strike:Source Now Available For Mac

June 25, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The Counter-Strike: Source first person shooter game has now been updated for playability on the Mac. The popular action game can also be purchased separately for the Mac from SteamPlay for a 2-day sale price of $6.80.

The new update also includes revision of many existing features such as player statistics and scoreboards. The new player statistics allow players to check the number of kills and deaths and also allows for comparison with other players as well. The new scoreboard displays the most valuable player in the team at the end of each round. It mentions the player’s accuracy with each weapon as well, which can help the player choose the proper weapon for a round.

The list of achievements in the game has also been updated and new achievements have been added. A “Death Cam” has also been added to the game that shows how the player was killed and by whom. Engine updates are also part of the new Mac version.

The new update allows for cross-platform gameplay as well, which means players on a Mac can team up with or compete against players on PCs. The user can also download the game on to a Mac if the person already owns the game on a PC.

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