Mophie Reveals External Battery Pack for the iPhone, iPod, and iPad

June 24, 2010, By Radimir Bobev

Mophie are known for some innovative and useful products, such as their external powering case for the iPhone which was released last year. Even though it managed to give quit a lot of juice to your phone, it still held some problems, like its overall design.

The new External Battery Pack by the company though is very promising and looks a lot more convenient than what they’ve previously shown. It connects to the iPhone with a retractable dock connector, which gives it a bit of extra power, and the smallest model will come at $40, offering a 1000 mAh reserve of power. The next model in line costs $60 and offers 1500 mAh of power, and they’re both compatible with the iPod and iPhone – and both offer “super-bright” LED flashlights.

There’s one more piece in the line, which is the juice pack power station, details for which have been very scarce so far, but according to Mophie, it will add in compatibility with the iPad. You’ll have to wait a bit for that one, but the first two are already available – so you can go get ’em!

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