Super StreetFighter 4 Screenshots Released, Coming Soon to Nintendo 3DS

June 23, 2010, By Christian Davis

A fighting game on the Nintendo 3DS? Doesnt sound like a bad idea at all. One of the biggest and most exciting things to pop up at this year’s E3, was the arrival of Nintendos’s 3DS. Promising 3D capabilities without the use of cheesy, uncomfortable glasses.

The graphics have been compared to the Wii’s, there’s a new joystick on the handheld, and the depth perception of the 3D is superb. What’ next? What could possibly make this handheld any better?

Street Fighter of course.

Super Street Fighter 4 3DS(tentative title) screens have been released and in all honesty, they look amazing. The critically accalaimed and fan favorite fighter looks like a perfect fit on the 3DS.  Where most fighting games on previous handhelds failed, the 3DS will surely succeed; primarily due to the new, comfortable joystick that appears on the left hand side of the handheld. Soon enough, everyone will be spamming Hadokens and releasing ultra combos on the go.

Here are the rest screenshots below. You will be surprised at how good they look.

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