Microsoft Windows XP SP3 Nearing the End of Its Life Cycle, Options for Users Revealed

June 23, 2010, By Radimir Bobev

Microsoft have previously warned that Windows XP Service Pack 2 will reach the end of its life at the end of July, at the same time as Windows Server 2000. According to the company, users and enterprises running those systems should already be upgrading, to ensure the maximum security and stability.

Windows Vista’s RTM version has already expired, which happened about two months ago on the 13th of April. This is all mostly in line with Microsoft’s standard 10-year policy on their operating system, after which their users need to move to Extended Support. There’s also a three-year support on the service packs they release.

According to a Windows representative, users of Windows Vista and XP will be given several options – they can either move to XP SP3, or to a later version of Vista, or they can also opt for Microsoft break-fix, which is a very low-level support, which wouldn’t be able to provide a good solution for a long period of time though, so don’t count on it that much.

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