Microsoft to Offer Xbox Live Gold Family Pack for $100

June 22, 2010, By Radimir Bobev

It’s been a common problem with Xbox users when not everyone has Live Gold membership, which causes some trouble for those looking for some casual multiplayer fun with their family. Of course this could be usually settled by just getting every family member a Gold account, but that wasn’t exactly budget-efficient – until now.

Microsoft have revealed a new yearly plan for 4-member families, which will let them enjoy Gold account privileges for just $100 a year – definitely not a bad deal when you do the basic maths – whereas a Gold account normally costs around $40 a year, with this deal it will be around $25 per family member.

You’ll be able to get the new Xbox Live Gold Family Pack starting November, but it’s not yet known if you’ll be allowed to split the new plan across several consoles – it’s not a very plausible scenario as you may be guessing though, so we wouldn’t hold our hopes up. Still, it’s a pretty good deal if you’ve got a family with this sort of problem – so you may as well go for it.

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