HTC Mozart, Windows Phone 7 Handset, Release Date This October

June 22, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

A new handset from HTC called Mozart, running on the Windows Phone 7 operating software, could be released in October this year, according to an image of the roadmap for Australian mobile carrier Telstra that has been leaked online.

Though the image actually shows an HTC Desire handset with the home screen of the Windows Phone 7 operating system added to it using photo manipulation software, it mentions October as the release date for the handset. The price of the handset is also shown to be very low at $49 only.

The image also suggests that the Windows Phone 7 OS might be released by or in the month of October. The objective of selling the HTC Mozart handset is also mentioned with volume sales being a critical target.

Even though the HTC Mozart has not been mentioned in earlier reports, the handset is widely believed to be real. Meanwhile, rumors of the HTC Mozart heading to T-Mobile in the US have also begun to float on the internet.

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