Wi-Fi Nook Now Available for $150, Nook 3G’s Price Goes Down to $200

June 21, 2010, By Radimir Bobev

If you’re interested in getting yourself (or someone you know) Barnes & Noble’s Nook e-book reader, you’ll probably also be interested to know that the Wi-Fi version has just been made available for purchase, at the price of $150.

Now, this is good news by itself – but there’s more. The Nook 3G got a tasty price reduction itself, and it now costs just $200 – a whopping $60 down from its previous price! If you’re wondering what exactly the differences between the two models are, it pretty much boils down to three major points – the Wi-Fi model only supports… well, Wi-Fi, while the 3G uses – well, we don’t have to say it. Also, there’s a subtle color difference – while the Wi-Fi model’s backside is painted black, the 3G features a lighter gray shade.

Last but not least, the Wi-Fi is slightly lighter, weighing half an ounce less than its 3G counterpart – though that’s probably not a decision-making point there. In conclusion, even though the Wi-Fi model is great news, the 3G one just got a lot more attractive as well.

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