How to Choose Between Plasma, LCD and LED HDTVs

June 21, 2010, By Alex Ion

In the last five years, TV tech has advanced by leaps and bounds. New models come up every day and not only that but if you are in the market for a swanky new HDTV to replace the old set you have at home, you’re probably confused when it comes to choosing the right one for you.

Plasma, LCD or LED TV

For those out of the know there are three types of HDTVs (high-defition TVs) that you can choose from. So here’s a guide how to choose between Plasma, LCD and LED sets.

Advantage of Plasma TVs over LCDs

In their first years, Plasmas used to dominate the higher-end market over LCDs. The primary reason for their popularity was that they came in bigger sizes and had a much better resolution; but they were more expensive. But things have changed these days as LCD TV technology is making groundbreaking advances each day.

Color palette: When it comes to Plasma TVs, they provide the best contrast ratio compared to any other TV technology on the market these days. It’s also known to provide the perfect color palette that you can get with current technology and it comes second only to nature itself. Off course, LCDs have vivid colors (very good brightness) and great contrast, but it’s nowhere close to what you get when buying a Plasma TV.

Moving pictures: If you are a big sports enthusiast then you should definitely go for a Plasma TV. It has an amazing viewing angle, which means that you’ll be able to watch your favorite game from any place in the room.

Half-life: Plasma TVs lasts as long as LCD TVs, so if you are aiming to have a TV for a long-term use then the Plasma TV is the perfect option for you. Most plasma manufacturers boast a life span of 100,000 hours to half life (it’s how fast the colors and brightness deteriorates). Which is huge, even if you watch TV for 18 hours a day. You can do the math!

Power consumption: If you are looking for a way to save power then you’re looking at LCD TVs. Also if you want to do your bit for the environmen, then the LCD TV has a smaller carbon footprint compared to Plasma TVs.

Gaming: Now that’s where the debate starts. Many say that if you’re a gamer then you should consider a Plasma, but there are as many saying that the longer you play the higher the chances for it to burn. We tend to agree with the first, for that extra detail that allows on a mid-field or mid-court wide shot to see various players making their movies in a detailed fashion.

LCD and Plasma vs LED TVs

The LED TV is the new kid on the block, but it is making huge leaps in the market. And if we’re to believe some early adopters, in the near future LED TVs are going to be that thin that they could be attached to the wall like wallpapers. And while we agree that LED TVs cost a fortune, they do offer much better quality and resolution when compared to both LCD and Plasma TVs.


If you have the money, go for LED TVs. If you need to choose between a Plasma and an LCD, the price should be the main factor. Just buy something you like and make sure you’re buying a quality brand.

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