How To: Browse the Internet on a Blackberry Using Wi-Fi

June 21, 2010, By Alex Ion

Connecting to a Wi-Fi network on a Blackberry phone to browse the Internet is free of charge, but many people are confused and need guidance to using it on their phones.

Blackberry Wi-Fi Connection

That happens because Blackberry mobiles are being sold with special data plans that include “surfing” already, most of them more expensive than regular plans. So can you surf the web on your Blackberry if you connect via Wi-Fi? Yes! Here’s how:

So what exactly do you need to use Wi-Fi? As you’d expect …

  1. a Blackberry phone with Wi-Fi capability such as the Bold 9000, Curve 8900, 8320 and 8820 or the Pearl Flip 8220, just to name a few,
  2. a Wi-Fi network at home, at work or in a public space, that you can connect to,
  3. the basics of Blackberry phone navigation.

How to Connect to a Wi-Fi network

Press Menu click on Set up and go to Set up Wi-Fi and click. There may be slight variations depending on the model in use. Nevertheless, going to Set up Wi-Fi option is a must for all models of Blackberry phone.

Another way is to go to Manage Connections and click on Set up Wi-Fi Network

Now click Next and Scan for Network. Activate the WiFi on your Blackberry phone and you’ll see it searching for available hot spots to connect you to. Select the desired network and insert the password you are being asked for (if you are, that’s the WEP password set on the wireless router).

Blackberry Wi-Fi networks

Your phone is now connected to Wi-Fi and the screen will show the name of the network and the carrier; if you prefer to save it in your profile then the phone will guide you until finish.

Go back to Settings, click Options, then Mobile Network and Conection preferered change to Wi-Fi only.

How to change the default browser

Go to Menu, click on Settings, Options, then Advanced Options and Browser. Now Change “Default browser configuration” to “Hotspot Browser”. Press Save and the options will be stored.

How to browse the Internet on your Blackbery

Go to “Browser” on you main icon list and you should be online. Just make sure the upper left corner says “WiFi” and not 3G or EDGE.

Wi-Fi profile settings

This becomes necessary when you have several Wi-Fi profiles on the phone. To configure a particular connection, go to Wi-Fi Connections and click the profile you want. You can change the Wi-Fi mode to manual from automatic mode.

Did any of these help you browse the Internet on your Wi-Fi enabled BlackBerry?

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