Dell Reveals New Inspiron Laptops, Featured in Various Colors

June 21, 2010, By Radimir Bobev

Today, Dell have announced that US customers can now get their new Inspiron R laptops, which were launched several months ago in other regions, like Australia and India. The new Inspirons continue the trend of the model line, with every laptop being designed for specific purposes – such as replacing your desktop or providing you with great entertainment capabilities.

The new Inspirons come in several colorful variants – four, actually, all of them with stylish chrome finishes – which, considering the striking lack of aesthetics in the previous Inspirons (well, compared to some other brands on the market at least), is a great fresh change.

There have been some design changes as well, for example the keypad has been replaced with one that features raised keys, improving usability and user comfort. There’s also a 10-key number pad, although it will only be present in the 15R and 17R models, which are aimed at gamers who regularly need access to more keys than your standard computer user.

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