Dell Confirms Discussing Chrome OS with Google

June 21, 2010, By Radimir Bobev

Some time ago, Google released a list of companies that were going to release laptops with Google’s Chrome OS – and the most curious thing about that list was surely the absence of Dell in there. They still showcased a laptop running the Chrome OS though – not that it was such a big of a move.

However, it seems that our guesses were false, and Dell are actually going to be getting in on the action, according to Amit Midha, President for Greater China and South Asia at Dell. He said that the companies are currently discussing the future of Chrome OS in Dell’s machines.

The odd thing is that he didn’t specifically mention laptops or anything like that – in fact, Chrome OS may very well appear on something else that we’re not entirely sure of yet. They should do it quick though – Acer are gearing up to announce something themselves really soon now, and this would put a lot of pressure on Dell – so it’ll be, least to say, curious to see how this all works out in the end.

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