All Intel notebooks from Best Buy to get integrated ClearWire WiMax module

June 21, 2010, By Thomas Antony

WiMax operator ClearWire has announced plans to start offering intergrated WiMax modules in all the Intel-based notebooks sold at Best Buy stores and online at The notebooks which come with this offer include the Dell Inspiron 14, Dell Inspiron 15, Dell Mini 10 netbook and Toshiba Satellite M645.

According to Mike Sievert, chief commerical officer for ClearWire, ” “Embedding 4G technology into laptops and netbooks makes it easy for consumers to experience Clear’s super fast mobile Internet service on the latest devices.”. They envision the discounted pricing on ClearWire enabled laptops and netbooks to help them gain more market share in the rapidly growing mobile broadband segment in the US.

CLEAR service has no monthly usage caps and offers up to 6Mbps real-world download speeds and 1Mbps upload speeds. Mobile plans start at $40, while the notebooks themselves vary in price depending on the configuration and the model.

Service availability will vary by location. The customers who sign up for a two-year service agreement will also receive a $100 discount on select devices. ClearWire has also announced plans to bring out a WiMax-enabled handset later this year. ClearWire is pushing their service as an alternative to DSL with embedded laptops forming a core part of their strategy. The WiMax chips are being manufactured by Intel.

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